20 Amazingly Interesting Facts and Images You May Not Know About Some Anime Characters

Are you an anime or manga lover? Or, do you have a list of your favorite anime characters in mind? Perhaps, we may share a common interest. I know this topic seems overrated but who to blame it’s just so fun and exciting jotting down amazing facts about these anime characters that we love. I have listed mine below. Check them out now.

1. The Famous Byakuya



The handsome sword -user. Byakuya’s Zanpakto Sanbonzakura earned 5th place most popular character in a recent poll.

2. Ulquiorra


The Emo Clown is a man as fierce as he portrays but in this image his eyes reflect someone whose character is melancholic. Ulquiorra Schiffer is his Romanized name.


3. Ulquiorra’s hollow Image


Behind Ulquiorra’s melancholic features is a man claiming to know nothing about “human emotions,“ he refers to as the HEART. Thus, explains why he often aims his target at the heart.


4. Ichigu Kurosaki


Ichigu is human by heart but his parents are a “pure-blood” soul and a pure Quincy. After learning about his origin, Ichigu resent the notion firsthand.


5. Ichigu Kurosaki’s first fight


The first time Ichigu transforms into a Shinigami, he collapsed afterwards.

6. The half blood Shinigami


Ichigu is not a half blood Shinigami. The term refers to a class status in a Soul Society, thus calling him a half blood Shinigami is wrong rather a human with both a Shinigami and Quincy powers.


7. Ichigu’s Power


Ichigu was really born with innate powers.


8. Fullbringer


Ichigu Kurosaki is a unique kind of a “fullbringer.”


9. The Hollow


In whatever forms they may come, all hollows have masks.


10. Ichigu’s shikai and bankai


Ichigu is the only character that goes through series of costume alteration.


11. Ichigu’s hairstyles


Through out the series, Ichigu’s hairstyle did not change much except for the cuts.


12. Captain Yamamoto


Learn of a man who is 1000 years old but in a fabulous shape. He is Captain Yamamoto.


13. Hei


Hei (black) of “Darker Than Black” is a code name not his name.


14. Grimmjow


Grimmjow landed 8th place as the hottest among all male characters in Bleach.

15. The Espada


Grimmjow was the first Espada in Bleach series.


16. Grimmjow’s character design


Grimmjow’s character design resembles that of Gamma Akutabi of Zombie Powder


17. Zaraki Kenpachi


The only Captain who didn’t take the exam to become a Shinigami.


18. Killua’s electric control


Killua can control and utilized electricity, an immunity he gained after getting electrocuted when he was a child.


19. Senji Kiyomasa’s Sexuality Issue


Despite the fierce cold look, Senji Kiyomasa’s fear of the female gender is still questioned.



20. Full Metal Alchemist


Military Members of Full Metal Alchemist are named after air crafts.

That’s it. It’s fairly obvious, I got more Bleach’ characters in it. I hope you enjoyed reading my list. If you have something to say or any suggestions concerning my choice, please do leave your comments below. I appreciate it.