Attack on Titan – Episode 2 – I’m Home

Hange and Armin deduce that the Titans encased within the walls provide its strength. The Survey Corps depart from Stohess to deal with the Titans that appeared inside Wall Rose, and Hange takes Pastor Nick along intending to gain more information from him. Meanwhile, Sasha rushes to warn her father and her village. She arrives to find the entire village deserted except for a woman being eaten by a Titan, and her daughter nearby in a state of shock. Sasha takes the girl and flees but they are chased by the Titan. Sasha decides to stay and fight while urging the girl to run away. Sasha succeeds in blinding the Titan with her arrows just as a group of villagers, including her father and the girl, return to pick her up. Meanwhile, Connie arrives at his village, only to find that it had already been attacked by Titans. Upon reaching his house, Connie discovers a Titan on its back trapped inside. He and the others wonder how it got so far from the walls when its short, thin legs seem too weak to support its body.