Ah! My Goddess



Keiichi Morisato is a college sophomore who accidentally calls the Goddess Help Line and the goddess Belldandy materializes. She tells him that her agency has received a system request from him and has been sent to grant him a single wish. Believing that a practical joke is being played on him, he wishes that she will stay with him forever, and his wish is granted.

Unable to live with Belldandy in his male-only dorms, they are forced to look for alternative housing, eventually seeking shelter in an old Buddhist temple. They are allowed to stay there indefinitely after the young monkliving there leaves on a pilgrimage to India upon being impressed by Belldandy’s intrinsic goodness. Keiichi’s life with Belldandy becomes even more hectic when her elder sister Urd and her younger sister Skuld move in as well. A series of adventures ensue as his relationship with Belldandy develops.

Season 1

No. Title Animation Director Screenwriter Original airdate Refs
1 “Ah! You’re a Goddess?”
“Aa! Kimi wa Megami-sama?” (ああっキミは女神さまっ?)
Hiroaki Gōda Hiroaki Gōda January 6, 2005 [3][21]
Keiichi Morisato, a young student at the Nekomi Institute of Technology and member of the Auto Club, is rejected by school idol Sayoko Mishima, embarrassed by the Auto Club, and unwittingly angers dozens of the female students of the institute. While the other club members attend a party, he is left to answer the phone. Shortly before the anticipated call, Keiichi goes for a walk, during the course of which he encounters Hijiri, a young girl who has lost her purse. He goes out of his way to help her find it, before returning to his dormitory to take the expected call. Keiichi then accidentally dials a wrong number, which connects him to the Goddess Technical Helpline. To his surprise, the goddess Belldandy warps in and offers to grant him one wish.
2 “Ah! Those Who Believe Shall Find Salvation?”
“Aa! Shinjiru Mono wa Tsuwareru?” (ああっ信じる者は救われるっ?)
Hiroshi Ōshita Yoh Watanabe January 14, 2005 [3][22]
Keiichi jokingly tells Belldandy that he wishes for a goddess like her to stay by his side forever. His wish is granted, but the dormitory in which Keiichi is living has a strict policy of not allowing any girls to be around, and so he is evicted. The two search for a place to spend the night, but their efforts are complicated by the wish’s force, which makes it impossible for them to remain apart even for brief periods. Eventually, Keiichi and Belldandy find a place to settle down for the night, and talk into the early hours, getting to know each other.
3 “Ah! Apprenticeship, Home, and the Goddess!”
“Aa! Shugyō to Wagaya to Megami-sama!” (ああっ修行と我が家と女神さまっ)
Nonaka Takuya Yoh Watanabe January 21, 2005 [3][23]
Keiichi and Belldandy set out to find a place to live. They meet Hijiri, the young girl Keiichi helped in the first episode, and her mother buys them a meal. However, the search for accommodation does not go well. Belldandy asks the holy spirit of Keiichi’s money for help, and a strange gust of wind blows his single banknote into the air. It leads them to a Buddhist temple, where the priest, Koshian, after mistaking Keiichi for a thief, allows them to stay on the condition that they maintain the temple. Belldandy saves Keiichi by using her magic, an incident witnessed by Koshian and which inspires him to go on a pilgrimage, leaving the temple in their charge.
4 “Ah! The Queen and the Goddess!”
“Aa! Joō-sama to Megami-sama!” (ああっ女王さまと女神さまっ)
Ryuichi Kimura Jukki Hanada January 28, 2005 [3][24]
Keiichi takes Belldandy on a tour of the Nekomi Institute of Technology. She immediately attracts attention from the students, to the irritation of Sayoko Mishima, the self-proclaimed “queen of the campus.” Forced to explain Belldandy’s presence, Keiichi claims she is a new exchange student. Professor Osawa is suspicious however, and decides to investigate. To protect the pair, Toraichi Tamiya and Otaki Aoyama modify the school records, inserting Belldandy into the system. Sayoko, still angry with Belldandy, decides to flirt with Keiichi, but the system force continually interferes with her plans. In desperation, she takes Keiichi for a drive, but when he reveals he knows that Sayoko is only pretending to care about him, she finally admits defeat.
5 “Ah! Living Under One Roof Together!”
“Aa! Hitotsu Yane no Shita de!” (ああっひとつ屋根の下でっ)
Yoshiyuki Asai Chabō Higurashi February 4, 2005 [3][25]
Social pressure, and a growing realization of his feelings for her, encourage Keiichi to ask Belldandy out on a date. He turns to a self-help book for advice, but nothing seems to go quite right. Summoning his courage, Keiichi decides just to be himself, but Belldandy mistakes his nervousness for illness, and rushes him off to his room, where she uses magic to “heal” him. Keiichi succeeds in expressing his feelings for Belldandy just before losing consciousness, and he realizes the next day that it does not matter whether or not they go out together. No matter what other people think, he will always have Belldandy at his side.
6 “Ah! A Blessing in Every Bargain?”
“Aa! Horidashimono ni Megumi Ari?” (ああっ掘り出しものに恵アリっ?)
Hirotaka Endō Yoh Watanabe February 11, 2005 [3][26]
Megumi Morisato, Keiichi’s sister, arrives unannounced at the temple and tells Keiichi that she has been accepted as a student at the Nekomi Institute of Technology, and will therefore be moving to the town. She gives Keiichi a specification for her ideal home, threatening to live with Keiichi and Belldandy if Keiichi does not find a home for her. In spite of his conviction that an apartment meeting Megumi’s specification will be impossible to find, Keiichi undertakes the task. After a fruitless day’s search, Megumi reveals that she would be happy to lower her expectations, and that she had never intended to move into the temple. The following day, Belldandy casts a spell, which leads them to an apartment meeting everything on Megumi’s wish list. The reason for the apartment’s availability, and its low price, is soon revealed in the form of an earth spirit, who attacks Keiichi and Belldandy. After defeating the spirit, Belldandy discovers that the spirit’s energy source, a power vein, was disrupted by a stake driven into the ground. In return for diverting the power vein, the spirit agrees to protect Megumi when she moves in.
7 “Ah! Where to Confess One’s Love!”
“Aa! Omoi Tsutaeru Bashō!” (ああっ想い伝える場所っ)
Teragijin Hitoaki Jukki Hanada February 18, 2005 [3][27]
It is Valentine’s Day and Belldandy, unaware of the custom, fails to give Keiichi a gift. Megumi explains the tradition to her, so Belldandy makes some chocolate for Keiichi, and tries to find a romantic spot in which to give it to him. Naively, she asks Sayoko Mishima about “romantic places”, and is directed towards the campus playboy, Toshiyuki Aoshima. Toshiyuki takes Belldandy to a hotel room, where he attempts to take advantage of her, but Belldandy uses her magic to ward him off before collapsing with exhaustion. The following day she takes Keiichi out on a date. In spite of some poor initial choices, she does eventually find a romantic spot, and they finally exchange gifts.
8 “Ah! Can You Pass the Love Test With Those Low Scores!”
“Aa! Hensachi Sanjū kara no Ren’ai Juken!” (ああっ偏差値30からの恋愛受験っ)
Mio Takatori Chabō Higurashi February 25, 2005 [3][28]
While trying to find medication for Belldandy’s flu-like symptoms Keiichi meets a pharmacist who proves to be Belldandy’s older sister, Urd, in disguise. She convinces Keiichi that Belldandy is ill because of a problem with the system force, which can only be fixed if a sample of Keiichi’s DNA is sent to heaven. Urd claims the best method is by physical contact, in other words he must kiss Belldandy. Keiichi finds himself unable to do that, and so Urd attempts to force him to kiss Belldandy, but fails. When Belldandy wakes up and discovers what is going on she and Urd fight, until Urd’s spell backfires, leaving Belldandy the victor. To Keiichi’s dismay, it is then revealed that Urd has been condemned to remain on Earth until further notice.
9 “Ah! The Queen and the Goddess’s Secret!”
“Aa! Joō-sama to Megami no Himitsu!” (ああっ女王さまと女神のヒミツっ)
Yoshihiko Iwata Yoh Watanabe March 4, 2005 [3][29]
After defeating Sayoko and Urd in the beauty pageant at the institute, Belldandy reveals a little too much of her powers to the suspicious Sayoko. Sayoko and Toshiyuki join together in an attempt to investigate Belldandy’s powers, but they are repeatedly thwarted by Urd. In frustration, Sayoko and Toshiyuki decide to kidnap Keiichi, exploiting Urd’s weakness for enka music to distract her from protecting Keiichi. While Urd does battle with Toshiyuki, Belldandy searches for Keiichi. Sayoko meanwhile is torturing Keiichi by forcing him to watch her destroying rare and collectible model cars. After rescuing Keiichi and defeating Toshiyuki, Belldandy and Urd erase Sayoko and Toshiyuki’s memories of events.
10 “Ah! Can the Auto Club Triumph?”
“Aa! Jidōshabu wa Katemasu ka?” (ああっ自動車部は勝てますかっ?)
Teragijin Hitoaki Jukki Hanada March 11, 2005 [3][30]
Toshiyuki opens a rival club opposite the Auto Club, calling it the Four Wheels Club. Intent on closing down the Auto Club, he challenges them to a race, with the loser agreeing to disband their club. Belldandy accepts the challenge, and she, Keiichi, and the other members of the Auto Club, raise the funds to build a car for the event, only to see it destroyed by Toshiyuki. Refusing to admit defeat, they narrowly succeed in rebuilding the car just in time for the start of the race. Once it is underway, however, Belldandy has to use all of her powers to keep the vehicle from disintegrating, but with the combination of Keiichi’s driving skills, the innovative design of their car, and the knowledge of Sora Hasegawa of the area, the Auto Club wins the race.
11 “Ah! A Demon has Come and is Creating Calamity!”
“Aa! Akuma ga Kitarite Wazawai o Nasu!” (ああっ悪魔が来たりて災いを成すっ)
Yoshiyuki Asai Chabō Higurashi March 18, 2005 [3][31]
The demoness Marller, who had been incarcerated by Belldandy and Urd, is released from her prison and seeks revenge. Disguised as a Tanuki statue, she infiltrates Keiichi and Belldandy’s temple home and transforms Keiichi into a Honda Cub. The two goddesses are unable to reverse the spell, as Mara has password-protected her curse. Urd drives Keiichi in order to head off to find the CD in which Mara had been imprisoned, while Belldandy tracks down Mara and asks her to release Keiichi. Mara chooses to fight with Belldandy instead, but Urd’s arrival with the CD forces her to surrender the password in exchange for her freedom.
12 “Ah! Compare and Contrast Goddesses and Queens?”
“Aa! Megami to Joō o Tenbin ni Kakete?” (ああっ女神と女王を天秤にかけてっ?)
Yoshihiko Iwata Yoh Watanabe March 25, 2005 [3][32]
Still bent on revenge, Marller teams up with Sayoko, who steals the CD from Urd. Marller casts a spell on Keiichi, making him attracted to Sayoko. Sayoko joins Belldandy and Keiichi and the three go to a dance club. Belldandy and Sayoko have a dance off, after which Keiichi declares that he wishes to stay with Sayoko, suggesting that Belldandy should go home to rest. Although the spell causes Keiichi to feel an attraction to Sayoko, his feelings for Belldandy keep surfacing, to Sayoko’s frustration. After Urd defeats Marller by using rock music, the CD is grabbed by a software bug and immediately disappears. Keiichi finds Belldandy and reveals that all he wants is for her to stay with him, which she does.
12.5 “Aa! Megami to Kōkan Nikki?” (ああっ女神と交換日記っ?) Hiroaki Gōda Yoh Watanabe April 1, 2005 [A][33]
Keiichi and Belldandy discuss their feelings about their experiences together so far.
13 “Ah! Who Does Big Sister Belong To?”
“Aa! Onee-sama wa Dare no Mono?” (ああっお姉さまっは誰のモノっ?)
Hirotaka Endō Jukki Hanada April 8, 2005 [3][34]
Problems with Yggdrasil, the computer system focused on Belldandy, start to cause serious disruption on Earth. Belldandy’s younger sister, Skuld, arrives to fix the system force and take Belldandy back to heaven. The goddesses hunt down the software bugs, while Skuld attempts to persuade Belldandy. As the software bugs continue to disrupt Keiichi’s life, Belldandy agrees to return to heaven after telling Keiichi that time travels differently there, and that one second in heaven could equal hundreds of years on Earth. Keiichi promises to wait for her return, no matter what. Although Skuld is pleased initially, she comes to realize the extent of Keiichi and Belldandy’s dedication to one another. With Keiichi’s help, she rebuilds her “bug stomper”, and with the bugs finally eliminated, Skuld announces her intention to remain on Earth, to watch over the pair.
14 “Ah! Teaching a Lesson Called Competition!”
“Aa! Taiketsu to Iu Na no Kyōiku Jisshū!” (ああっ対決という名の教育実習っ?)
Teragijin Hirotaka Aoshima Takashi April 15, 2005 [3][35]
Skuld is having a hard time adapting to life on Earth, and her attempts to help Belldandy around the temple are not as successful as she would like. When Megumi turns up and criticizes Skuld’s work on Keiichi’s bike, both Megumi and Skuld decide to enter separate robots into a competition. Megumi embraces the help of others, but Skuld turns down all offers of assistance. Both contestants manage to produce their robots, but on the day of the contest it becomes clear that Skuld’s emphasis on power over control has given the advantage to Megumi. Skuld attacks Megumi’s creation with her own, but Megumi is able to stop her. In desperation, Skuld causes her robot to self-destruct, destroying Megumi’s robot in the process. However, Belldandy, Skuld, and Megumi manage to settle their differences and agree to work together next time.
15 “Ah! My Heart Was Stolen By a Goddess!”
“Aa! Megumi ni Kokoro Ubawarete!” (ああっ女神に心奪われてっ)
Ryuichi Kimura Chabō Higurashi April 22, 2005 [3][36]
In the hope of attracting more attention from her sister, Skuld builds Banpei-kun RX. When Marller arrives, Banpei drives her away, thus proving its worth. Unfortunately, Banpei consumes considerable power, thus causing disruption to Keiichi’s work and Urd’s entertainment. Skuld responds by modifying Banpei to be more power efficient. Things continue to go awry when Banpei attacks Keiichi, believing that it is defending Belldandy. Although it was never programmed to behave in that way, Banpei has modified its own programming because of its love for Belldandy. Banpei constantly follows Belldandy around, learning to accept the others only as a result of Belldandy’s teachings and example. When Marller returns, Skuld and Banpei work together to rescue Belldandy’s lunch, but Banpei loses its memory and personality when saving Skuld.
16 “Ah! Catastrophe Arrives. An Auspicious Sign Stands?”
“Aa! Wazawai Kitarite Chabashira Tatsu?” (ああっ災い来たりて茶柱立つっ?)
Yoshiyuki Asai Aoshima Takashi April 29, 2005 [3][37]
Marller takes possession of Megumi and summons Senbee, the god of unhappiness and poverty, in the hope of separating Keiichi and Belldandy. The earth spirit who shares Megumi’s apartment does his best to help her, but fails and is forced to make his way to Belldandy disguised as a teddy bear. Meanwhile, Marller and Senbee try to bring misfortune on Keiichi, but Keiichi seems to be having a very lucky day, and each attempt is deflected by a corresponding stroke of good fortune. Things come to a head when Marller seals Belldandy’s powers and Senbee causes the car Keiichi is driving to burst into flames. With the arrival of the earth spirit to explain events, Belldandy is able to exorcise Marller from Megumi and to use her powers to save Keiichi.
17 “Ah! What Are Ability and Effort?”
“Aa! Sainō to Doryoku tte, Nan Desu ka?” (ああっ才能と努力って何ですかっ?)
Hiroaki Tomita Jukki Hanada May 6, 2005 [3][38]
Sora, lacking in self confidence, is entered into a women-only go-kart race. She initially refuses to participate, but Belldandy persuades her. Sora moves in with the others at the temple, and Skuld builds a race track for her to practice on. Skuld also builds a robot to drive the kart for Sora, and Urd tries to transform Sora’s personality with one of her potions, but both schemes are unsuccessful. With Sora about to give up, Belldandy convinces her to try one last time. Sora finally succeeds, but on the day of the race she falls ill, brought on by her fear of failure. Eventually, following Keiichi’s example and with some wise words from Belldandy, Sora is able to compete in the race.
18 “Ah! Confess Your Feelings Under the Moon?”
“Aa! Unmei no Kokuhaku wa Tsuki no Shita de?” (ああっ運命の告白は月の下でっ?)
Hirotaka Endō Yoh Watanabe May 13, 2005 [3][39]
Megumi arranges a seaside vacation for Keiichi and Belldandy as an opportunity for Keiichi to get closer to Belldandy, but Skuld and Urd tag along as well. Urd wishes to be helpful, but her assistance is more of a hindrance than a help. Skuld though, still wanting Belldandy to have nothing to do with Keiichi, constantly interferes. After Urd tells Keiichi that he must declare his love to Belldandy, he tries to do just that, near the sea, but Skuld interferes with a robot and almost destroys everything. Belldandy saves Keiichi, but just as he declares his love, Skuld comes between the pair, leading Keiichi and Skuld to believe that they are the ones destined to be together, in spite of their wishes. Belldandy, however, is happy that Keiichi has finally revealed his feelings for her.
19 “Ah! Don’t Look At Me Like That?”
“Aa! Sonna Hitomi de Mitsumenaide?” (ああっそんな瞳でみつめないでっ?)
Teragijin Hirotaka Chabō Higurashi May 20, 2005 [3][40]
Urd prepares an aphrodisiac, which Skuld sabotages by adding extra ingredients. Although the potion, created in the form of small sweets, was intended for Keiichi, Belldandy eats it instead and becomes far more outgoing. When Urd realizes what has happened, she reveals to Skuld that an antidote is possible, but it would take thirty hours to make and the potion will wear off in twenty-four hours, anyway. Keiichi finds it difficult to cope with Belldandy’s new personality, but he agrees to take her out shopping. Skuld and Urd follow, trying to keep things under control, as Keiichi continues to be confused by Belldandy’s behavior, unsure of how he should react. As the day ends, Keiichi and Belldandy travel along the coast at sunset, ending up in an old church, where Belldandy professes her love and Keiichi professes his in return.
20 “Ah! Save the Goddess, If You’re a Man!?”
“Aa! Megami o Sukue! Otoko Nara!?” (ああっ女神を救えっオトコならっ?)
Yoshihiko Iwata Jukki Hanada May 27, 2005 [3][41]
Urd and Skuld are called back to heaven because of increasing problems with the Yggdrasil. However, Skuld leaves Keiichi a dessert, which changes him into a woman. Belldandy, while trying to prepare an antidote for Keiichi, is exposed to a virus from heaven and becomes ill. On Skuld’s suggestion, Megumi, Sora, Toraichi, and Otaki pay a visit, forcing Keiichi to disguise himself until they leave, although Megumi sees through the act and assumes it must be to help Belldandy. In desperation Keiichi resorts to dialing wrong numbers in the hope of reaching the Goddess Helpline, but all to no avail. When Belldandy’s angel, Holy Bell, emerges, with crystals marring her skin, Keiichi makes one more attempt to contact the Goddess Helpline and succeeds. Following Urd’s instruction, Keiichi climbs the Tokyo Tower to catch wind crystals for the cure. On Skuld’s advice, they jump from the tower, and are saved only by Banpei’s efforts. Returning to the temple, Urd makes up the antidote, which Keiichi then administers to Belldandy via a kiss.
21 “Ah! The One I Yearn For Is A White-Winged Angel!”
“Aa! Akogare wa Shiroi Tsubasa no Tenshi!” (ああっ憧れは白い翼の天使っ)
Akira Katō Aoshima Takashi June 3, 2005 [3][42]
Skuld begins training in magic so that she may have an angel just like Belldandy. However, she becomes frustrated by the amount of effort involved, and so tries to shortcut the process through science, building a device to amplify her powers. When she switches it on, it casts a high-level water spell, knocking Skuld unconscious and trapping her with Keiichi. Belldandy is unable to reach them, as her powers are insufficient. Only Urd is powerful enough, if she summons her angel, but she cannot, as she ordered it never to appear again because of its hybrid demon/goddess appearance. Finally Urd comes to terms with her angel, and summons it to save Skuld. The episode ends with a call from The Almighty One, who reveals that Urd’s license has been suspended.
22 “Ah! A Devil’s Whisper, Along With a Pot?”
“Aa! Akuma no Sasayaki wa Tsubo to Tomo ni?” (ああっ悪魔のささやきは壺と共にっ?)
Yoshiyuki Asai Chabō Higurashi June 17, 2005 [3][43]
Marller finds and awakens the Lord of Terror, who has been sealed in an urn, to bring misery to the world. Urd, depressed over the loss of her goddess license, tries to cope by finding something to do with her life, but everything she tries only makes her feel worse. After the Lord of Terror offers her a chance to regain her powers by embracing her demonic side, he takes possession of her, and Urd announces that she is the Lord of Terror’s rightful heir. Belldandy is thus given a choice, either to inform the Almighty One who may destroy Urd, or to try to save Urd by herself. Making things more difficult, Urd now possesses the Ultimate Destruction Program, and, unless the goddesses can stop her, she will destroy the world. When Urd arrives, accompanied by a giant robot, Belldandy, Skuld, and Keiichi engage her in battle. Although Urd is temporarily defeated thanks to their efforts, Marller ambushes them, sealing Keiichi away when he tries to protect Belldandy. Once Belldandy has recovered, she realizes that the only way she can defeat Urd is by removing her own “power limiter,” thus unleashing her full strength.
23 “Ah! The Savior, Together With the Sound of a Flute?”
“Aa! Kyūseishu wa Fue no Oto to Tomo Ni?” (ああっ救世主は笛の音と共にっ?)
Hirotaka Endō Yoh Watanabe June 24, 2005 [3][44]
Belldandy, in search of sufficient power to stop the Lord of Terror, releases her full strength and buys the goddesses time to resolve the emergency. Meanwhile, Urd starts to unleash the Ultimate Destruction Program by working through each level of protection. Belldandy finds her and attempts to destroy the urn in which the Lord of Terror was confined, inadvertedly removing the final layer of protection. This starts the destruction program and releases Fenrir. The Almighty One contacts Skuld and sends her the vaccine for the program, and Belldandy does battle with Urd once more. During the battle however, the Lord of Terror leaves Urd to possess Fenrir. Skuld arrives and Belldandy blows the flute of Midgard, being the cure for the Ultimate Destruction Program, thus summoning Midgard. The Lord of Terror is seemingly defeated, but at the last minute, he manages to take possession of Midgard.
24 “Ah! Always With You?”
“Aa! Itsumo Kimi to Tomo ni?” (ああっいつもキミと共にっ?)
Hiroaki Gōda
Itsuki Imazaki
Teragijin Hitoaki
Yoh Watanabe July 8, 2005 [3][45]
The Lord of Terror, now possessing Midgard, continues his attack as he attempts to open a gate to the “world of the demons”. Keiichi and Skuld manage to work out what is happening and Belldandy “deletes” Midgard, injuring Keiichi in the process. Confident that the Lord of Terror is gone, the three goddesses and Keiichi head back to the now destroyed temple, unaware that the Lord of Terror has taken possession of Keiichi. He takes the flute of Midgard and leaves Belldandy with the option of killing him or allowing the Earth to be destroyed. Furthermore, the Valkyrie Lind descends, with orders to kill the Lord of Terror and Keiichi in the process if necessary. Belldandy chooses to defend Keiichi, even at the cost of her own life. The Lord of Terror threatens to kill Keiichi in an attempt to force the goddesses to assist him in his aims, prompting Belldandy to offer herself in Keiichi’s place. However, when the Lord of Terror discovers that he cannot possess a goddess, Skuld takes advantage of his weakness to force him into a floppy disc instead, which she wipes with a magnet, thus destroying him.
25 “Ah! Urd’s Small Love Story?”
“Aa? Urudo no Chiisana Koi Monogatari?” (ああっウルドの小さな恋物語っ)
Ei Aoki Aoshima Takashi December 23, 2005 (OVA) [6]
Problems at Yggdrasil after the Lord of Terror incident result in Belldandy shrinking and Urd becoming a child. Urd spends her temporary childhood with a new friend, Shohei Yoshida, after almost getting him into trouble when she was caught drinking sake. Meanwhile, Keiichi and Belldandy work on producing moon rocks, in an effort to provide an alternative energy source for the goddesses while Yggdrasil is being repaired. Urd decides to help Shohei increase in self-confidence, and takes him to the top of a high-rise construction site, as a test for him to overcome his fear. With the moon rocks complete and Urd once again her normal age, she says goodbye to Shohei, pretending to be his friend’s older sister. She agrees to see him again once he has grown up.
26 “Ah! Being an Adult is Heart-Throbbing?”
“Aa! Doki Doki wa Otona no Aji?” (ああっドキドキは大人の味っ?)
Takafumi Hoshikawa Jukki Hanada December 23, 2005 (OVA) [6]
Due to continuing problems at Yggdrasil, Skuld ages into an adult, and she decides to take advantage of her temporary adulthood. After borrowing Megumi’s motorbike, she encounters Toshiyuki, who provides her with all the ice cream that she can eat. However, he expects something in return and entraps her. After being rescued by Keiichi and Belldandy, Skuld is confused by her feelings. Although she could not bear to be touched by Toshiyuki, Keiichi’s touch produces a different response. She asks Keiichi to take her out, and they venture downtown. As they shop for clothes, the pair are asked to model for a bridal salon. After some difficulty when feigning a kiss for a requested photograph, the two end up at the beach, where Skuld tries to come to terms with her feelings for Keiichi before reverting to her real age.

Season 2

No. Title Original airdate[5]
1 “Ah! I Wish…Once More!”
“Aa! Negai yo, Mō Ichido!” (ああっ願いよ もう一度っ)
April 6, 2006
After the fiasco involving the Lord of Terror, the Goddess Technical Helpline is missing important information including Keiichi Morisato‘s wish. Keiichi is contacted by the Helpline in an attempt to reinstate his contract with Belldandy, but his voice is not recognized. As Keiichi and Belldandy decide to spend what little time they may have together and go on a date, Urd goes to heaven to integrate Keiichi’s voice data into the system. On their ‘last date’ Belldandy offers to pay for Keiichi’s food and later saves him from falling off an observation deck. When Keiichi deeply wishes for Belldandy to stay by his side forever, the contract is reactivated, restoring the information in Yggdrasil.
2 “Ah! The Beleaguered Queen of Vengeance!”
“Aa! Nayameru Fukushū no Joō-sama?” (ああっ悩める復讐の女王さまっ)
April 13, 2006
With Christmas approaching, Sayoko Mishima desires to spend her time with the only man on campus who does not appear to “worship” her, that being Keiichi. Meanwhile, Belldandy decides to take a time off from the university in order to knit Keiichi a sweater as a Christmas gift. Keiichi brings Sayoko to the temple after finding her in a drunken stupor late one evening. After Sayoko recovers from her hangover, she is suspected of having stolen the sweater Belldandy knitted. While Belldandy searches for the sweater, Keiichi and Sayoko take a walk in the streets. It is revealed that Sayoko has the sweater but is hesitant to give him the present. Belldandy later finds Sayoko, who confesses her feelings for Keichi to her. When Belldandy returns home, she is happy to see Keiichi wearing the sweater she knitted for him.
3 “Ah! I Offer These Feelings on Christmas Eve!”
“Aa! Seiya ni Sasageru Kono Omoi!” (ああっ聖夜に捧げるこの想いっ!)
April 20, 2006
While Keiichi and Belldandy are working at the convenience store, the town is covered with the single color of Christmas. Keiichi, remembering that Belldandy has been with him for about a year decides to get her a present. He decides to buy a ring, but lacks the money for it and searches for another part-time job to earn enough cash in four days remaining until Christmas. Urd directs him to some jobs and Belldandy notices that he is coming home late for dinner every night. When Keiichi goes to buy the ring, he finds that Sayoko has already bought it. He begs her for the ring, and she agrees to part with it provided that he retrieve a girl’s balloon that is caught in a tree. Belldandy arrives just in time to break his fall when the branch Keichi is on breaks. Sayoko gives up the ring, but in exchange Belldandy must provide entertainment at her upcoming party. Belldandy is overjoyed when Keichi puts the ring on her finger.
4 “Ah! I Want To Fill The World With Happiness!”
“Aa! Sekai o Sachi de Mitashitai?” (ああっ世界を幸で満たしたいっ)
April 27, 2006
Keiichi, Belldandy, and the others attend Sayoko’s Christmas party. Sayoko calls Belldandy to the stage to compete against her in a several contests. However, the audience seems to adore Belldandy, much to Sayoko’s chagrin. Keiichi begins to wonder if it is alright to keep the love of a goddess to himself. Belldandy takes her first drink of cola and becomes inebriated (something drinking bottles of liquor did not do). Keiichi finds himself chasing after a goddess who has decided to spread her love all about town and starts to experience a severe case of bad luck. Toshiyuki Aoshima tries to take advantage of Belldandy, who explains that she is promised to Keiichi who arrives on the scene, takes Belldandy by the hand, and runs away with her.
5 “Ah! Well-Matched Vibes of Love!”
“Aa! Hikare Au Koi no Hachō?” (ああっ惹かれあう恋の波長っ)
May 4, 2006
Hikozaemon Otaki fixes the scooter of Satoko Yamano who is being harassed by Toshiyuki and falls in love with her. The following day, Satoko gives Otaki bento, in gratitude for his assistance. Belldandy guides him to a raffle in which he wins two tickets to an amusement park and he asks Satoko to accompany him. However, the park belongs to Toshiyuki’s company and when he sees the two of them together, he is determined to win her for himself and orders all the rides to be shut down. Afterwards Satoko invites Otaki to her house, where he encounters Toshiyuki and Sayoko who are plotting together. Otaki meets Sayoko’s father who, despite his initial reservations due to Otaki’s appearance, expresses his admiration for Otaki when he protects Satoko from a stove fire, much to the dismay of Toshiyuki and Sayoko.
6 “Ah! Is That Jealousy?!”
“Aa! Sorette Shitto!?” (ああっそれって嫉妬っ!?)
May 11, 2006
Keiichi receives his first love letter from an underclassman, Shiho Sakakibara. However, things are not as they seem since she is an aspiring exorcist who has sensed supernatural psychic waves coming from Keiichi (due to his living with three goddesses) which she has mistaken for him being possessed by evil spirits. Predictably, Shiho’s attempt at exorcism at the temple goes bad and when she kisses Keiichi on the cheek in gratitude for saving her, Belldandy experiences jealousy for the first time. When Shiho’s continued efforts unintentionally summon an evil spirit, chaos ensues and Urd is forced to manipulate Keiichi into harassing Shiho, to unlock Belldandy’s power and so banish the evil spirit. Afterwards, Belldandy apologizes to Keiichi for being envious of Shiho, even though she has full faith in their relationship.
7 “Ah! I Shall Grant Your Wish!”
“Aa! Anata no Nozomi Kanaemasuwa!” (ああっ貴方の望み叶えますわっ)
May 18, 2006
Keiichi and Belldandy look at photos they have taken recently. While attempting to call his sister, Keiichi misdials and calls the Earth Help Center, a rival agency working in competition of the Goddess Technical Helpline. The goddess Peorth transports herself into the temple, to answer the call and is surprised to find three other goddesses present. Peorth decides not to leave, even after learning about Belldandy’s contract with Keiichi. Urd shows Peorth a picture of Belldandy that Keiichi took, displaying her affection for him. Keiichi struggles to find a wish sufficient enough to get Peorth to return to heaven. Peorth then tries to fulfill Keiichi’s contract better than Belldandy, but all of her attempts backfire.
8 “Ah! I Want to Be of Use to You!”
“Aa! Anata no Yaku ni Tachitakute!” (ああっあなたの役に立ちたくてっ)
May 25, 2006
Ignoring Belldandy’s feelings, Urd, Skuld, and Peorth compete to see which of them is most suited to serve Keiichi. Things run amok when the three combine their powers and accidentally turn Keiichi into a whirlwind. Belldandy arrives and is able to reverse the process. Peorth later makes a love potion and slips it in Keiichi’s drink. When he comes to, Megumi Morisato, Skuld, Peorth, and even Urd fall in love with him. When Belldandy catches up to Keiichi, who is trying to escape from the love-smitten girls, she is unaffected. As they embrace, Belldandy releases a burst of power which undoes the effects of the potion.
9 “Ah! The Goddesses Go Head to Head on a Date!”
“Aa! Megami wa Dēto de Shōbu!” (ああっ女神はデートで勝負っ)
June 1, 2006
After reading a romantic comic book, Peorth wishes to go on a date with Keiichi. Although she planned to spend time with him alone, the three other goddesses tag along. Belldandy proves to be much help as she provides free tickets for all of them to both the movie theater and a visit to the aquarium. They later go to an indoor swimming pool, even though Keiichi is unable to swim. When Peorth purposely pushes Keiichi into the water, Belldandy saves him, although she also had to rescue Peorth in the process. Peorth issues Belldandy a goddess challenge which Belldandy wins. It is revealed that Peorth has a grudge against Belldandy, believing that she had taken pity on her when she shared credit for a mission they worked on together. That evening. Keiichi carries an exhausted Peorth home on his back.
10 “Ah! I Just Can’t Say It!”
“Aa! Sono Hitokoto ga Ienakute!” (ああっそのひとことが言えなくてっ)
June 8, 2006
Peorth continues to vie for Keiichi’s affections while feeding him food she prepared. Belldandy becomes more and more worried that she will lose Keiichi. Meanwhile, Urd prompts Keiichi to confront Peorth and he asks her to fulfill his desire. Peorth becomes more forceful in her affections and Keiichi is forced to flee by motorcycle, taking Belldandy with him. After evading Peorth, Keiichi realizes that Belldandy is jealous of Peorth, who arrives on the scene. She reveals the wish Keiichi made, causing Belldandy to run away, but Keiichi admits that he loves Belldandy and she returns having realized that she loves him. Unexpectedly, Peorth declares that her mission, being to bring the two of them closer together, has been accomplishedas and she returns to heaven (with Skuld’s library of manga).
11 “Ah! Grasp Your Dream With Your Own Hands!”
“Aa! Sono Te de Yume o Tsukamaete!” (ああっその手で夢をつかまえてっ)
June 15, 2006
Toraichi Tamiya and Otaki suddenly announce to the Auto Club that they have to leave town. The founder of the Auto Club, Chihiro Fujimi, storms into the shed, demanding to speak to the absent Tamiya and Otaki. On seeing his mini bike, Chihiro challenges Keiichi to a race. The group investigate Chihiro’s history involving the Auto Club and, impressed with the list of her achievements, begin to doubt if Keiichi can beat her. A determined Keiichi practices against Banpei on Skuld’s trial race course. Belldandy later encounters Chihiro at the local race course, where Chihiro is fretting about the demands of being the lead mechanic for a professional racing team and reminiscing about racing. Keiichi barely loses the race around the university campus the following day which Chihiro pulls a trick from up her sleeve. However, inspired by his determination, Chihiro quits her job as lead mechanic to focus on building and racing a bike for pleasure.
12 “Ah! A Goddess’s Tears and His Dream!”
“Aa! Megami no Namida to Kare no Yume!” (ああっ女神の涙と彼の夢っ)
June 22, 2006
Troubadour, the plum blossom spirit who once was Urd’s lover, appears, urging to reunite with Urd. Trouble ensues when Keiichi intervenes, as it is mistaken that he is Urd’s new significant other. Troubadour challenges Keiichi to duel for the day proceeding, with Urd as collateral. Troubadour later appears on a television broadcast to humiliate Urd with a romantic song. Yet Urd arrives and stops him. It is recognized that Troubadour needs the heartfelt tear of a goddess to break the seal of the scroll of the golden nightingale, a dream he still awaits to come true. Urd decides to take a bath, only to find out that Keiichi is already doing so. Troubadour walks in unexpectedly, soon attacking Keiichi deliberately, until Urd ceases his actions. Urd finds out that Troubadour had kept a ring from their younger years, as she cries in remembrance. Troubadour breaks the seal, and begins to sing the song on the scroll to summon the golden nightingale. Urd realizes that his dream of obtaining the golden nightingale was more important than spending his life with her.
13 “Ah! Let Those Feelings Awaken!”
“Aa! Mezamete?! Sono Kimochi!” (ああっ目覚めてっ!その気持ちっ)
June 29, 2006
Skuld really wants to learn how to ride a bicycle. After betting that Urd cannot ride a ride, Skuld is proven wrong, and thus relinquishes her ice cream as her wager. She must master the bicycle within three days, or else face having to ride three laps around the neighborhood. Keiichi and Belldandy assist Skuld to ride the bicycle, however she repeatedly loses balance and falls off. Belldandy mentions that Skuld would truly find pleasure in riding a bicycle once she is able to get beyond the pain in it. Skuld runs away to a nearby park, meeting a young boy named Sentaro Kawanishi. She helps him fix his bicycle, making it more responsive. Sentaro soon finds out that Skuld cannot ride a bicycle, later coaching her to boost her self-confidence. As Belldandy finds Skuld, the former notices that the latter has fallen in love for the first time.
14 “Ah! My Darling Cupid!”
“Aa! Itoshiki Watashi no Kyūpitto?” (ああっ愛しき私のキューピットっ)
July 6, 2006
Skuld’s feelings of affection towards Sentaro awakens her magical powers. Skuld and Sentaro witness Belldandy summoning and singing with her angel, Holy Bell. However, Skuld is overwhelmingly distraught for having yet to summon her own angel. After trying to find a way to hatch the egg of her angel, she swallows it when Urd finds her, as she passing out momentarily. Both Belldandy and Urd extract the egg from Skuld’s body, but this prematurely triggers the birth of her angel, Noble Scarlet. Skuld introduces Sentaro to Noble Scarlet, as they go to various places. After she tunes up his bicycle, Sentaro invites Skuld to an amateur bicycle race that is soon approaching. It is then that Noble Scarlet pushes Skuld into Sentaro, accidentally giving him a kiss on the cheek. She becomes angry toward Noble Scarlet for doing such a thing. On the next day, when Sentaro is depressed for not seeing Skuld at the race, she convincingly comes to cheer him up to finish at first place. Noble Scarlet gives Skuld the chance to see Sentaro after the race, of which Sentaro willingly gives up his trophy to her. Soon afterward, Noble Scarlet seals herself inside her egg, as it is a reminder for Skuld to mature through facing her weaknesses.
15 “Ah! I’m Half Goddess, Half Demon?!”
“Aa! Megami to Akuma no Watashi?” (ああっ女神と悪魔の私っ?)
July 13, 2006
Marller surprisingly visits the onsen resort along with Keiichi, Belldandy, Urd, and Skuld. Belldandy issues that Urd and Marller must not think about goddesses and demons and try to take a break in their feud to enjoy their stay at the resort. As the four leave to head back to the temple, it is revealed that Senbee took a stand of Urd’s hair. When Urd goes to shop in the city, Marller and Senbee uses enka music to put her to sleep. Skuld soon finds out that Urd was kidnapped by Marller, and she drives Banpei in order to search for Urd. Meanwhile, Marller plans to use a heretical pot that will separate Urd’s goddess and demon halves. Skuld encounters Urd’s clone, being sealed in a mirror in the process. The real Urd unseals Skuld, telling her that her demon half is on the loose. Back at the temple, the demon Urd, who brings back Banpei, tries to seal Belldandy, but she struggles as she has no opening of discreetness. However, when Urd kisses Keiichi, Belldandy scurries away from the temple in tears.
16 “Ah! Shimmer Without Fear of the Darkness!”
“Aa! Yami o Osorezu Kagayaite?” (ああっ闇を恐れず輝いてっ)
July 20, 2006
Belldandy philosophizes what would happen Urd’s demon and goddess halves remain split, knowing that would cause Urd to self-destruct. Nonetheless, she becomes mute before she is able to say anything about it. Both halves spin round and round, causing confusion of their identities. The demon Urd engages in battle against the goddess Urd. But at the fight progress, the demon Urd exhausts herself in agony and evades thanks to Marller. Belldandy knows that the goddess Urd must destroy the demon Urd to protect the world. Marller tells Skuld to use the heretical pot to reunite the two halves. The goddess Urd distracts the demon Urd by attempting deplete her powers, while Skuld finds a way to trap her. Using the heretical pot and a reunification machine, Skuld is able to join the two halves together again.
17 “Ah! The Chair of Demonkind Descends!”
“Aa! Daimakaichō-sama Kōrin?” (ああっ大魔界長さまっ降臨っ)
July 27, 2006
Even though Urd has reunified her halves, she bares a dissociative identity disorder, as her demon halves suffers memory loss. Marller suggests to contact Hild, known as the Ruler of Demonkind and recognized as the mother of Urd. This estranged mother takes advantage of this opportunity to allow her daughter to return to the underworld once her hybrid self is restored, but the goddesses reject the offer. As an alternative, Hild wants to be granted one wish that would not damage the pride of Urd as a goddess, so Belldandy and Skuld assist Urd in chanting spells to return her to normal. As the wish is said for Urd to recognize Hild as her mother, Urd figures Hild’s motive, and thus declines her request. Hild departs back to the underworld, planning to come back another time to have her wish granted by Urd.
18 “Ah! Do Demons Have Any Dignity?!”
“Aa! Mazoku no Ishin wa Arimasu ka?” (ああっ魔属の威信はありますかっ?)
August 3, 2006
Hild pays a visit to a reminiscent Marller, who is dissatisfied of working at a convenience store. Marller attempts to attack the temple, but is halted by Banpei. Senbee, who had tagged along with Marller, develops an allergy, causing Marller to be the victim of bad luck. Then she find the heretical pot and tries to split Belldandy into two opposites, but to no avail. Belldandy then invites Marller over for dinner to celebrate her promotion to convenience store manager. However, she is desperate to show results to annihilate the goddesses. Marller decides to use her secret weapon, of which is an Arabian lamp said to seal away whoever puts their mouth on the spout. Unimpressed, Hild adds a spell that will make whoever is looking at it see that thing which he or she finds the cutest, and she proceeds to use it against Belldandy. Yet it is Belldandy who is able to see through to its true form, pouring hot water to release those who succumbed to the hallucination.
19 “Ah! The Love of a Goddess Saves the Ninja!”
“Aa! Megami no Ai wa Shinobi o sukuu!” (ああっ女神の愛はシノビを救うっ)
August 10, 2006
Marller has revived three female rodent ninjas in another attempt to attack Belldandy. Kodama Genwaku pretends to seduce Keiichi to get Belldandy’s attention. However, Belldandy still trusts Keiichi no matter the circumstances. Belldandy prevents Kodama from committing suicide when her mission has failed. Later on, Hikari Senkuo appears and pursues Kodama. Hikaru threatens to murder Keiichi, but Kodama stops her from doing so. Belldandy tells the two ninjas to stop fighting over life and death. She senses that the two have some ulterior motive, but has no idea what the plan to do. Hikaru even tries to kill Kodama in her sleep to atone for her disobedience to the ninja code. When all fails, Nozomi Senrigan arrives and summon an auxiliary of rodent ninjas to attack the temple. Belldandy performs a prohibited purification spell to rid the temple of auxiliary and to save Keiichi from halluncination. The three ninjas soon agree to make peace and reside in the temple. Belldandy’s license as a first-class goddess has been suspended thereafter.
20 “Ah! It Doesn’t Matter Where, So Long as We’re Together!”
“Aa! Donna Bashō de mo Futari Nara!” (ああっどんな場所でも二人ならっ)
August 31, 2006
Everyone seems to show up asking to store items at the temple, creating a bit of a crush. In an effort to make more room, Skuld creates a device to double the storage space in a room. However, things go wrong when Keiichi and Belldandy try to create more space. The room is expanded in an area of infinite dimension. While Keiichi and Belldandy try to pass the time, Urd and Skuld figure out how to find the two. Keiichi soon realizes the dimensions have endless width and length, however depth remains normal. Therefore, after removing a floor tile, Keiichi and Belldandy are able to escape solitude. Keiichi wants Belldandy to stay with him at the temple, even without her goddess powers.
21 “Ah! Would It Be Okay If I Were a Demon?!”
“Aa! Watashi ga Mazoku demo Ii Desu ka?” (ああっ私が魔属でもいいですかっ?)
September 7, 2006
After three days, Belldandy returns from heaven but discovers that she has been issued a demon license instead of a goddess license. Urd and Skuld travel to heaven in order to reissue Belldandy her goddess license. Keiichi and Belldandy are exiled from the temple, after seeing the “mark of the demon” on Belldandy’s forehead. It gets to the point when Belldandy tries to use her powers to fix Keiichi’s motorcycle, but it only makes matter worse. On top of that, Keiichi is struck with a high fever. Marller shows up to tell Belldandy to do evil deeds in order to bring good fortune to Keiichi. Belldandy, feeling guilty, runs away into the city, never wanting to face Keiichi again. Peorth makes an appearance, and she allows Belldandy to contact Keiichi via telephone. Keiichi wishes for Belldandy to be by his side forever, which forms the catalyst to reissue her goddess license. As things return to normal at the temple, Peorth says her farewell as she makes her way back to heaven.
22 “Ah! The Goddess’s Confession!”
“Aa! Megami no Kokuhaku?” (ああっ女神の告白っ)
September 14, 2006
It is shown that Keiichi and Hild are lovers, confusing the three goddesses that Keiichi may be under demonic control. Belldandy finds a picture of Keiichi and Hild together when they were younger, coming to the conclusion that Hild has altered the future. The goddesses must go back into the past to find out what had caused the alteration. Belldandy attends high school to get closer to Keiichi, but Hild always interferes. Urd then tries to confront Hild through combat, but that does not stop Hild from getting in Belldandy’s way. When Hild is able to kiss Keiichi, Belldandy releases her full power out of jealousy, but she calms herself when she sees Keiichi breaks up with Hild. Belldandy reminds Keiichi of the snow, peaceful in essence, as he later invites her to go to a museum, taking place back in the present.
23 “Ah! Everyone Has a Destiny!”
“Aa! Sorezore no Unmei” (ああっそれぞれの運命っ)
February 23, 2007
Keiichi, the goddesses, and the Auto Club prepare to hike on a camping trip. The group goes to an estate owned by a friend of Keiichi’s grandfather. Though it was thought to be unoccupied, a young lady named Chieko Honda greets everyone, to whom the goddess view as a remnant. Chieko distracts the Auto Club with a dinner party, but the goddesses soon learn that Chieko has ensnared Keiichi in a bedroom. Belldandy realizes that Chieko had been looking for Keiichi’s grandfather, who promised Chieko to come back for her. The next morning, Belldandy guide Keiichi to the basement, and he discovers a Brough Superior motorcycle that belonged to his grandfather. Chieko had wished that he would help fix the motorcycle and take her for a ride along the countryside. As she is satisfied in her wish, she whispers her goodbye as she vanishes into thin air. The motorcycle is kept in the basement of the estate as a symbol of romantic patience.
24 “Ah! The Song of Love That Shakes the Heart!”
“Aa! Suki wa Kokoro o Yusaburu Uta” (ああっ好きは心を揺さぶる歌っ)
February 23, 2007
Peorth realizes that Keiichi has not voiced his affections for Belldandy before. Chihiro says to him love someone may be easy to say but also difficult to show, which she tries to force Keiichi to verbally announce to Belldandy, but he avoids saying it. Peorth encourages him to shout out his love to fire up his heart, through Belldandy misunderstands the situation when she encounters the two. Urd endeavors to give Keiichi an enhancement pills meant to emphasize feelings of affection when one shows love for another, however this causes the girls to faint. In the end, Belldandy tells Keiichi that she is warmhearted when he tells her of his love for her.