Ai to Yuuki no Pig Girl Tonde Buurin


Karin Kokubu (Kassie Carlen) is late for school one day when she comes across an apparently injured yellow pig. It turns out the pig wasn’t injured but just hungry, and he gets back his health when he eats Karin’s apple. When Karin gets to her school called St. Ringo School, she discovers that the pig has stowed away in her backpack which causes her more trouble.

Later, she meets the pig again and finds out he can talk and fly. The pig gives her a “Dream Tonpact” which she opens and a pig snout appears from it and attaches itself to her nose! She finds the pig again who explains that he is actually Prince Tonrariano the 3rd (Iggy Pig) of the apple-shaped planet Buringo (Oinko). He tells her how she can transform: by saying “Ba Bi Bu Be Burin!” she transforms into a superpowered pink piglet called Tonde Burin (Super Pig). This is not something Karin is happy about at all as she’d rather transform into a magical girl heroine like her idol the henshin hero tokusatsu character “Cutey Chao” (who is possibly a reference to Cutie Honey). Tonrariāno (who she calls Ton-chan) tells her if she can collect 108 pearls by doing good deeds as Burin, she can do so. The pearl collection operates on karma meaning if Burin abuses her powers, she will lose pearls.

Whenever someone is in danger, Karin would become Tonde Burin to thwart the crisis and even use her new abilities to help other people in need.