Ajimu Kaigan Monogatari



The 17-year old Hirosuke Nakaido sees a day at the train station in his eyes beautiful girl named Ajimu Yasuna, in which he immediately fell in love. When he tries to talk to her, this ends in disaster and in two slaps him. Frustrated, he is persuaded by his schoolmates and mate Kazuki Izumiya to go out at night with two girls in a pub One of these girls is Suzune Takeno who falls for instantly Hirosuke.

That evening Ajimu occurs as a musician in this pub so Hirosuke again takes the opportunity to address them in order to clarify the incident. Since Ajimu but is still mad at Hirosuke, she runs away. Hirosuke learns of Suzune that Ajimu regularly plays in this pub, and if he come soon again to again talk to Ajimu. This time she gets involved in the conversation and Hirosuke can clear the misunderstanding.

Below is a good friendship between the two and Hirosuke developed learns that Ajimu mourns her ex-boyfriend who left her two years ago. That discouraged him to confess his feelings, because he is not sure, what about hers. Soon after Ajimus Exfreund Otomine Yuma comes from London back to Japan and intends to continue the old relationship with Ajimu. Torn not know Ajimu what they should do, because it has developed strong feelings about Hirosuke. As Hirosuke gets hit by a truck and is unconscious in the hospital, she realizes that she loves Hirosuke.