Angel Heart


A young woman stands on top of a building in Shinjuku as she receives a call from her handler. The handler, who calls her "Glass Heart", congratulates her with a job well done regarding her latest kill, which he refers to as her 50th. Glass Heart recounts the day's events. She had just killed a man sitting on a park bench with a silenced gun. As she was leaving the park, a small girl runs in with some ice cream and Glass Heart realizes that she has just killed the father of a little girl. With that she jumps off the building, impaling her chest on the iron spiked fence below.

At the same time, Kaori Makimura is running late for an appointment to take wedding photos with her husband, the "City Hunter" Ryo Saeba. When she sees a girl about to be run over by a truck, she jumps and pushes the girl out of the way before the truck hits her. A short while later, she is declared brain dead and her heart is harvested for organ donation, as she had a donor card on her when she died. However, the Organization, needing a heart for their assassin, steals Kaori's heart while it is in transit and implants it into Glass Heart's body.

Glass Heart is transported to Taiwan, where she remains in a coma for a year. During that time, she is haunted by the images of the people she has killed, along with the images of the donor Kaori as well as Ryo Saeba of whom she does not know. She wakes up after one year to find out who these people are. She travels back to Shinjuku, and after several close events, manages to track down the "City Hunter". He has retired from his role since his wife's death. Upon finding that Glass Heart is the recipient of Kaori's heart, Ryo decides to adopt her as his daughter, and is also given a name provided by her real father: Xiang Ying. The former mercenary now tries to help the former assassin move on with a normal life in the outside world.

Episode Listing

NumberTitleOriginal air date
01"Glass Heart"
"Garasu no shinzou" (ガラスの心臓 -グラス·ハート-)
"Glass Heart", a 15-year-old girl and assassin trained by a Taiwan mafia, Zheng Dao Hui, had attempted suicide after she finished her 50th mission. Meanwhile, Kaori Makimura, beloved partner of City Hunter, Ryo Saeba "the Sweeper", died in a traffic accident. Kaori is a organ donor, so her heart was taken out for transplant. While the heart was being transported, it was robbed by an unknown party. Although Glass Heart's life was saved by a heart transplant, a year went by without her recovering consciousness. Although Saeba had ceased his work as City Hunter, and led a degenerate life ever since, he believed that Kaori's heart, being transplanted, still lived on in somebody, somewhere out there.
02"Kaori has Returned"
"Kaori ga kaette kita" (香が帰ってきた)
Glass Heart finally regained consciousness, and escaped from her syndicate. Then, drawn by her dreams of Kaori and Saeba Ryo, she made her way to Shinjuku. Standing stock still at a traffic junction in Shinjuku, Glass Heart heard herself saying "I died at this spot". This was the very place where Kaori had died from the traffic accident. Then, after getting into trouble with some gangsters and ended up causing a great commotion amidst gunshots and car explosion, the police went into her pursuit. Subsequently, as if guided by somebody, she arrived at "Cat's Eye", a cafe run by Saeba Ryo's close friend, Umibozu. A blind Umibozu was struck by the inexplicable feeling that Kaori had returned.
03"City of XYZ"
"XYZ no machi" (XYZの街)
Upon hearing Umibozu's statement "Kaori has returned", Saeba Ryo prowled the streets of Shinjuku cluelessly, looking for her. At the same time, Glass Heart, with whole-hearted desire to meet Ryo, uncovered clues on the secret code "XYZ". Upon learning that the code "XYZ", when written on a message board at the Shinjuku Station, is a means of contacting City Hunter, Glass Heart, as if guided by visions of Kaori, approached where the mentioned message board should be. However, the board has been removed because people do not use it anymore. Disappointed Glass Heart felt that she lost her hope to meet City Hunter and fell unconscious. Before Glass Heart's body fell on the ground, Ryo arrived and took Glass Heart to a local clinic.
04"Wandering Heart"
"Samayou HEART" (さまようHEART)
After recovering consciousness in Doc's clinic, Glass Heart had a confrontation with Kaori. Kaori's statement, "We'll always be together from now on", had sparked off a feeling in Glass Heart that her mind and body was being usurped by the former. This caused her to react hostilely towards Kaori. Doc, upon witnessing this one-sided exchange, breathlessly rushed into Ryo's presence and dropped the statement "The girl with Kaori's heart, who also had her memories, has returned", to Ryo's disbelief. Meanwhile, Master Li, the boss of "Zheng Dao Hui" secretly arrived Japan, but was shot by an unknown sniper.
"Sayonara...Kaori" (永別(さよなら)...カオリ)
Master Li, the boss of Zheng Dao Hui, was critically wounded in the assassination attempt. Glass Heart, who was assumed to be the assassin, became the prime target of the bloodthirsty mafia, stirring up a frenzy of violence in the streets of Shinjuku. If Li, who was main power controlling Shinjuku, had died, the collapse of the balance of power will inevitably break out into open street wars, thus Saeko, the superintendent of Shinjuku West police station, began to set up an emergency response headquarters for contingency measures. Meanwhile, Glass Heart, who had lost her reason to live, held a pistol against her own chest and closed her finger on the trigger...
"Saikai" (再会)
Master Li, who was supposedly shot by a sniper, appeared before Ryo. The person who was shot was really Li's secret double, his twin brother, Qian De. 22 years ago, Ryo had rescued Qian De from some country's guerrillas upon the request of Li. Ryo sneaked into the ward and say goodbye to Qian De as he took his last breath. Li revealed that Glass Heart was really his daughter, and confessed that Kaori's Heart was stolen in order to save her daughter who had attempted suicide.
07"My Beloved City"
"Ore no aisubeki machi" (俺の愛すべき街)
Glass Heart finally appeared before Ryo. Qing Long, a branch of Zheng Dao Hui, followed close behind, but the two escaped by a hair's breadth. The soldiers of Qing Long locked down the streets of Kabukichou area in Shinjuku, trying to find the two in a blood frenzy. Ryo led Glass Heart along, seeming to luring the pursuers towards some place. Glass Heart said to Ryo, who risked his life to protect her, "I am the person they want. Just kill me and turn me over to them. I came here to return the heart to you." Ryo replied that she has been given the second chance to live, and she should cherish this. Ryo communicated with Saeko and offered a plan to lead the pursuers to an empty area and finish them off there.
08"True Friends"
"Honto no nakama" (真実(ホント)の仲間)
In preparation for the gunfight with Qing Long, Ryo brought Glass Heart into a district that was blockaded off, and finally reached a hotel. Waiting for them there was a group of people which includes Umibozu, Saeko, Doc among others. They intended to fight along Ryo against Qing Long. A scout from Qing Long had infiltrated the area, and Glass Heart engaged with him by herself. The man, Xin Hong, turned out to be a friend whom she taught she had killed a long time ago.
09"Xiang Ying ~Her Lost Name~"
"Shan-In~ushinawareta namae~" (香瑩〜失われた名前〜)
The battle between Ryo and Qing Long who was after Glass Heart 's life had started. In the midst of events, Xin Hong lured Qing Long soldiers into a suicide bombing attempt in order to protect Glass Heart, was saved by Ryo. During their training days, Glass Heart and Xin Hong, who had trusted and supported each other, was ordered to kill each other in the final test. Glass Heart thought that she had killed Xin Hong. Xin Hong blamed himself for the deep psychological scar that the incident had caused Glass Heart. Xin Hong revealed that he was also the sniper who had shot Master Lee. They fell sleep as an unknown group of people launched sleeping gas, and these people took Xin Hong away. Worrying about her long lost friend's life, Glass Heart stabbed herself to keep her awake and went after Xin Hong's captors. Meanwhile, Master Li's troops, the Genbu, came to finish off the Qing Long in order to stop the fighting. Xin Hong waked up on the roof of a building and faced Master Li. Xin Hong explained to Master Li why he chose to leave his unit and fight along with Glass Heart. Master Li seemed appreciated his courage and "executed" him for his rebellious action. Master Li allowed Xin Hong leave Zeng Dao Hui and live a normal life. Glass Heart arrived and talked to Xin Hong before she fell unconscious. Xing Hong left for "something must be done", and left Glass Heart to Master Li...
10"Angel Smile"
"Angel Smile" (エンジェルスマイル)
Master Li reunited with unconscious Glass Heart, his daughter. He explained that his wife and young daughter were in a car accident that sent the car over a cliff. The police couldn't find the body of his daughter in the water and she was assumed dead. She was later picked up by his very own organization and trained to become the assassin Glass Heart. Li found out that Glass Heart is the daughter he had lost 11 years ago on the day she jumped off the building in episode 1, committing suicide. In a desperate attempt to save her life no matter the cost, he ordered his subordinates to steal the heart not knowing it was Kaori's. He asked Ryo to forgive him and told him Glass Heart's real name is Xiang Ying. Meanwhile, Xing Hong arrived the hotel where Qing Long's commander was staying and attempted to kill the commander - because Master Li found out that the commander was the person who order Xin Hong to snipe Master Li. Genbu also sent their men to kill the commander, but the commander was killed before both Xin Hong and Genbu's men take actiom. Xin Hong calculated the direction and came to a park where he thought the bullet came from, and he met Ryo. Ryo revealed to Xin Hong about Glass Heart's name and hinted that he should be the one to tell Glass Heart of her name.
11"A Father and Daughter's Time"
"Oyako no jikan" (父娘(おやこ)の時間)
Xin Hong lost his courage at the last second and decided not to tell Glass Heart her real name, but it ended up slipping out of his mouth anyway. In confusion he told her it was Ryo who made up the name. Ryo got Xiang Ying to show Master Li around Shinjuku, without revealing to her that Li is her father. Li and Xiang Ying ended up taking a picture together at a photo booth, and when the pictures were printed out, they both realize they were wearing the exact same expressions.
12"A Meeting and Farewell On Board a Ship"
"Senjou no deai to wakare" (船上の出会いと別れ)
Xiang Ying attended the funeral of Qing De, her uncle. His ashes were scattered in the ocean because the ocean connects to everyone's homeland. She asked Ryo to scatter her ashes in the ocean if she ever dies before him.
13"A Present from Master Li"
"Ri-daijin kara no okurimono" (李大人からの贈り物)
Chen, the right hand man of Master Li, asked Ryo to accompany him to the Shinjuku Station to see Master Li's final gift. It turned out to be a new ornate message board with the words "XYZ: Be a good father. -Li" Ryo decided to start up the City Hunter business again.
14"Revival, City Hunter!"
"Fukukatsu C.H!" (復活C·H(シティー·ハンター)!)
Xiang Ying accompanied Ryo on his City Hunter job. Their first client was a drop-outed schoolgirl...
15"Find Papa!"
"Papa wo sagashite!" (パパを捜して!)
A young girl, Tanya, asked City Hunter to find her father. Xiang Ying took the job herself without telling Ryo. Tanya confused Ryo as her father, and Ryo found out that Mr. Bear, who give balloon to children in playground, is Tanya's true father. Tanya's father was secretary of a high official and was involved in a scandal. He had to hide himself from Tanya because the official wanted him to "shut up"...
16"Qualifications as C.H. (City Hunter)"
"C.H (City Hunter) toshite no Shikaku" (C·H(シティー·ハンター)としての資格)
Xiang Ying couldn't snipe the man responsible for framing Tanya's father. She told Ryo that guns and martial arts are the only things she knows and if she is incapable of doing either, she is useless as a City Hunter. Ryo figured out it was Kaori keeping Xiang Ying from pulling the trigger and told her that there's more to being a City Hunter than just fighting. Mr. Bear turns out to be Tanya's dad all along and reunited with her with some help from Master Li.
17"Meeting in a Dream"
"Yume no naka no deai" (夢の中の出会い)
Xiang Ying woke up from a dream where she could not find Ryo. Scared, she told Ryo about it. He recommended she tells the Doc about it when she goes to her periodic physical checkup. When she arrived, the Doc mistook her for Kaori because of the similar entrance. She had fallen asleep when waiting for Ryo to come pick her up and had another dream. In this dream, Ryo was injured and Kaori came to his aid, but she wasn't too happy. The setting changed and Kaori's cooking for her brother as she's leaving for her nursing job. While there, her brother, a detective from police department, demanded Doc to hand Ryo over to the police as the identities he carried were all fake but Kaori argued that at the moment, he's only a patient. With the Doc's help, her brother's came to realize that she became a nurse for his sake. During Kaori's night shift, Ryo got ready to kill Kaori as she noticed he was awake.
18"Familial Ties"
"Oyako no kizuna" (親子の絆)
Xiang Ying learned that Kaori and her brother, Hideyuki, aren't related by blood and both of them knew it, but Kaori chose not to tell the other in fear of rejection. In the conversation between Ryo and Hideyuki, Ryo revealed that Hideyuki was the original City Hunter. Ryo saved Hideyuki from an ambush and told the detective that his true mission was to kill Hideyuki, but he abandoned the mission seemingly to court Kaori. Ryo also told Hideyuki that he would like to join him as "sweeper".
19"Old Man Chin's Place"
"Chin-roujin no mise" (陳老人の店)
Chen opened a Chinese restaurant called Genbumen (refer to his unit, Genbu of Zeng Dao Hui). Ryo volunteered Xiang Ying and Xin Hong as waiters since there weren't any new requests on the message board. Xiang Ying got used to the waitress job while defending the shop from disruptive yakuza.
20"Prelude of Destiny"
"Shokumei no Prelude" (宿命のプレリュード)
A young girl, Yume asked Xiang Ying to find out why her father was smiling when he died and to find her father's killer. Yume turned out to be the daughter of the man Xiang Ying killed in episode 1. Xiang Ying had conflicting emotions over this realization but accepted the job anyhow.
21"Sorrowful Guardian"
"Kanashiki Guardian" (哀しき守護者(ガーディアン))
Yume's father turned out to be an assassin bomber code named "Mad Dog" who had an intelligence partner code named "Dog Walker". Yume invited Xiang Ying to one of her violin concerts. To draw Walker's attention onto herself, Xiang Ying exuded her killer's chi hoping Walker will target her instead of Yume. Xiang Ying jumped onto the stage to shield Yume from Walker's bombs just as they went off. She was knocked unconscious and brought to Doc's clinic.
22"Unfair Happiness"
"Fukouhei na shiawase" (不公平な幸せ)
Walker called Yume, baiting her with information about her father. Walker sent a laptop with a video of himself explaining everything to Yume and telling her to kill Glass Heart, who is Xiang Ying. Yume found a gun behind the toilet and aimed at Xiang Ying, but could not pull the trigger and left the clinic with her teacher, Haruka, and Walker's gun.
23"Melody of a Journey's Beginning"
"Tabidachi no Melody" (出発(たびだち)のメロディー)
Walker turned out be Haruka's boyfriend, the famous violinist named "Slow Finger". Walker tied up Haruka and threatened to kill both her and Yume to cover his tracks. Xiang Ying drove a car into the window (Ryo commented that this is what Kaori would have done), battled with Walker, and threw him out of the room. She pointed Walker's gun at her heart and encouraged Yume to pull the trigger. Ryo said to exact true vengeance, Yume would have to kill Xiang Ying's father as Xiang Ying killed Mad Dog. But Yume could not kill Ryo or Xiang Ying. Genbu arrived to finish off Walker. Haruka adopted Yume who left for Vienna to continue her violin lessons.
24"Together with The Beat..."
"Koudou to tomoni..." (鼓動と共に......)
A recap of the previous episodes 1-23.
25"A Client's Death Wish"
"Shinitagaru iraisha" (死にたがる依頼者)
Yuji's twin brother Yusuke wanted City Hunter to kill him and his brother because Yuji's yakuza ways have gotten too out of hand. Yuji only became yakuza to get money fast, but he really still loves his brother. Yusuke prepared to die as he gave out decorated coin to his customers for farewell gifts. Xing Ying and Xin Hong went to Yuji's office, stole Yuji's money and drug from a vault, and found a small box containing photographs of his family...
26"Once again, to that moment"
"Mou ichido ano koro ni" (もう一度あの頃に)
Yuji's yakuza organisation sent men to kill Yuji before he can meet with Yusuke. Xiang Ying baited Yuji with the money and drugs she stole from him, then kidnapped him, thus effectively protected him from assassins. The two brothers met on Christmas Eve and reconciled.
27"Me, in love!?"
"Watashi, koishiteru!?" (私、恋してる!?)
Xin Hong took Xiang Ying on a date (She though it's a purely platonic outing) to see a tearjerker romance movie. Xiang Ying complained it needs more action. They met an artist, Yoshiki Natsume, who was Kaori's first love. Kaori's lingering affections for Yoshiki caused Xiang Ying to think she is in love with him.
28"A Promise"
"Yakusoku" (約束)
Xin Hong became jealous of Xiang Ying's affections for Yoshiki. She confessed to Yoshiki but ran away before he can say anything. Kaori did the same thing to him in a flashback. Xiang Ying told him Kaori's spirit lives on inside her and he realized Xiang Ying's confession was really Kaori's influence. Xiang Ying saw Yoshiki off at the train station which was Kaori's only regret. Xiang Ying realized her feelings for Yoshiki were influenced by Kaori.
29"My Sister...Kaori"
"Watashi no imouto...Kaori" (私の妹...香)
Sayuri, chief editor of a famous magazine in New York, the U.S.A. and Kaori's blood sister, came to Japan to meet Kaori, but she learned that Kaori was dead. So she came to Ryo in order to see if Kaori had been treated well during her times with Ryo.
30"This City is Everything to Me"
"Kono machi wa watashi no subete" (この街は私の全て)
Sayuri was shocked when she found out what Ryo's job really is, and decided to take Xiang Ying to New York with her.
31"A Miracle Seen on the Final Night"
"Saigo no yoru ni mita kiseki" (最後の夜に見た奇跡)
Sayuri had a unexplainable dream at the last night she stayed in Japan.
32"The Woman from the Syndicate"
"Soshiki kara kita onna" (組織から来た女)
A girl named Bai Lan met Xin Hong in Cat' Eyes Cafe. Bai Lan was Xing Hong's teammate and friend back in his days in Qing Long of Zeng Dao Hui. Xing Hong found out that Bai Lan involved in an assassinate mission targeting Hayakawa, the leader of a criminal organization.
33"The Child who is a Gift from Heaven"
"Kami kara sazurishi ko" (神から授かりし子)
Xiang Ying decided to see Hayakawa, and Hayakawa told her that he threat Bai Lan as his daughter since Bai Lan assemble to his died daughter. Xiang Ying offered to protect Hayakawa, but he refused. Bai Lan met Xiang Ying outside of Hayakawa's building and confessed that she don't want Hayakawa to die...
34"Two Determinations"
"Futari no ketsui" (二人の決意)
Bai Lan really want to stay with Hayakawa, but the assassin from Zeng Dao Hui is already on his way....
35"Towards the Future"
"Mirai e..." (未来へ...)
The assassin arrived and set up a bomb in Hayakawa's house. The bomb went off, and the whole house was on fire. Hayakawa knew Bai Lan's identity long time ago, but he decided not to reveal it because he wanted Bai Lan to be his daughter. During Hayakawa's last moment, he tell Bai Lan to escape from the house...
36"The Girl That Brings Happiness"
"Shiawase o hakobu onnanoko" (幸せを運ぶ女の子)
Saeko had a hard time dealing with her loneliness , when a little girl named Miki shows up to give her company.Miki appeared in front of Falcon (Umibozu) too and starts reading for him .
37"An Unblemished Heart"
"Yogorenonai kokoro" (汚れのない心)
Miki was hit by a car in a "hit and run" traffic accident. Fortunately she's not in a critical condition, Ryo and Xiang Ying take her to Doc , and they learned Miki's story...
38"Be My Eyes"
"Ore no me ni natte kure" (オレの目になってくれ)
Kaori explain to Miki that her mother is no longer alive , that she lost her body but still lives in Miki's heart. Falcon asks Miki to live with him.
39"The Client is a Famous Actress"
"Iraisha wa daijoyu" (依頼者は大女優)
Joy law, a famous actress and mistress of a king of a remote country, asked Xiang Ying to pretend to be her because the king's men were chasing her after she realized that the real king was killed. She also tried to seduce Ryo...
40"Miki's Hidden Secret"
"Miki no kakusareta himitsu" (ミキの隠された秘密)
Joy Law found out that Miki is the late king's daughter.
41"The Place where I Belong"
"Jibun no ibasho" (自分の居場所)
Kaori told Joy that if she really want to live she can ask Ryo to protect her, and that she's not against the relationship. The king case has been resolved and no one is after Joy anymore. Yet she refused to stay with Ryo because he hesitated before accepting her proposal. She informed him that she will be back when both of them forget the people they were in love with.
42"The Secret Sign Between the Two"
"Futaridake no Sign" (二人だけのサイン)
Ryo lost his mobile phone, and it's found by a anchor woman ; who in return asked him to date her.
43"A Day in My Life"
"Watashi ga ikiru nichijou" (私が生きる日常)
Ryo showed his daily life.
44"For Our Children"
"Oretachi no kodomo no tame ni" (俺たちの子供のために)
Yang, the former teammate of Ryo in their mercenary days, came to Ryo and asked for help.
45"The Walking Nuclear Warhead, Yang"
"Ningen kakudantou, Yang" (人間核弾頭、楊(ヤン))
Yang found out that she was betrayed by her "lover", and wanted to revenge.
46"Mother Heart"
"Mother Heart" (マザー·ハート)
Yang found her "lover" and was about to kill him, but Xiang Ying stopped her and offer a "better plan"...
47"A Bright Future?!"
"Akarui mirai!?" (アカルイミライ!?)
Xin Hong and Xiang Ying visited a future-teller, Ms Reiko. They found out that Reiko is not an ordinary future-teller, but a special person with supernatural power to foresee other people's future...
48"Drawn towards Fate"
"Hiki yoserareru unmei" (引き寄せられる運命)
Ms. Reiko advised a police officer, Shougo Shimazu, not to marry his wife, but they got married anyways and stated that he and his wife would face any challenges together. Later, Reiko revealed to Xin Hong and Xiang Ying that Shougo will be killed when he is on duty. Moved by Shougo's courage to face his future, Xin Hong decided to protect Shougo from that fate.
49"Get My Life"
"Get My Life" (Get My Life)
Even with Xin Hong's efforts, Shougo still appeared on the place where he is supposed to be killed. Xin Hong had no choice but to make his last and greatest effort to change Shougo's fate...
50"Last Present"
"Last Present" (ラストプレゼント)
One of Yang's adopted orphan get married, and Yang decided take Xiang Ying with her to attend the wedding.