One Punch Man – Episode 3 – The Obsessive Scientist

The narration describes the story of Doctor Genus, a brilliant young scientist with ideas of artificially evolving humans who becomes disillusioned with the world, eventually discovering the secret to immortality and creating multiple clones of himself. One Punch Man cuts off the narration in his impatience and Armored Gorilla then explains that Doctor Genus wants One Punch Man for his experiments. Genos and One Punch Man decide to attack immediately, since a store is having a mega-sale the next day. Before they leave, Genos asks Armored Gorilla if he knows of any cyborgs active four years ago that have destroyed any towns, to which Armored Gorilla responds that he knows of none besides himself. In preparation for Saitama’s arrival, the House of Evolution sets traps in all eight of the facility’s floors and reluctantly decide to release Carnage Kabuto, its most powerful and uncontrollable creation. Once they arrive, Genos destroys the aboveground facility with a single blast (rendering all the traps useless) before heading underground. The released Carnage Kabuto (who has, by this time, already killed all of Dr. Genus’ clones) fights with Genos, taking no damage in the process. Carnage Kabuto then faces off against Saitama, but quickly retreats when he senses Saitama’s power. One Punch Man then reveals to Genos, Carnage Kabuto, and Dr. Genus his somewhat mundane daily training regimen of 100 push-ups, 100 sit-ups, 100 squats and 10 km of running, much to their disbelief. Carnage Kabuto then enters his Carnage Mode and appears to pummel Saitama, extremely believing that One Punch Man would be defeated but it is shown that Saitama was actually in shock from the realization that the store mega-sale was really that day instead of the next, and he nonchalantly one-punched Carnage Kabuto into pieces, leaving afterwards with Genos to catch the rest of the sale. Having witnessed this, Doctor Genus abandons his plans of artificial evolution. After the credits, officials from the Heroes Association inspect the House of Evolution blast site and discuss Genos’ destructive power.