Secret Ninja Arts – Episode 6


Secret Ninja Arts – Episode 6 – Choices

Yoite takes Miharu and tells him to change the past so he never existed. Yamase arrives to intercept but is attacked by Yoite. After witnessing Yamase, Miharu is presented with three choices. One is to have the Shinra Banshou removed from him, another is to have him use it for his own desires, and the last is to help Yoite. Yoite states that he would kill Tobari, Kouichi, and Raimei if Miharu does not grant Yoite’s wish. He decides to help him, and is taken home, greeted by Tobari, Kouichi, and Raimei. Yoite asks Kazuhiko Yukimi, his caretaker and squad leader of the Kairoushuu clan, whether or not he is alive.