The Evolution of Ichigo – All 12 Forms

We wanted to bring you, our AnimeLunatic Fans – the pictorial of Ichigo’s Evolutions as he became more powerful throughout his story.

1. Human Ichigo

Bleach started off with Ichigo in Karakura Town.


2. Shinigami Ichigo

Ichigo Discovers that he has Soul Reaper powers, he has his old sword here.


3. Substitute Shinigami Ichigo

Ichigo has a brand new sword, plus he discovers the Getsuga Tensho.


4. Bankai Ichigo

Ichigo finally uses his Bankai against Kuchiki Byakuya.


5. Hollow Mask Ichigo

Ichigo trains with the Vizards and gains his Hollow Powers!


6. Full Hollow Ichigo

Ichigo’s Inner Self rises at times of near death, such as when Ichigo went up against Ulquiorra Cifer.


7. Final Bankai

This form is the final bankai for before he is able to transform into  Getsuga Tensho! It shown when Ichigo was fighting with Aizen.


8. Getsuga Tensho (Mugestu)

Ichigo had to ask Zangetsu for help during his upcoming match with Aizen. Ichigo loses his Shinigami powers after using this!


9. Fullbring Training Ichigo

During Ichigo’s training with Xcution, Ichigo gained an enormous amount of energy. His training gave him hope. This was the starting stages of his training.


10. Near Fullbring Ichigo

His training developing very quickly, this form is very similar to his Shinigami form.


11. Fullbring Ichigo

Ichigo’s Full Fullbring Form. After long training, he was able to meet his full form, only to know that Kugo Ginjo will be the one to steal his power.


12. Shinigami/Fullbring/Hollow Ichigo Form

This form has just been introduced. This form is a mix of both Shinigami and his Fullbring Form. Both New Ichigo Look and New Ichigo Sword makes his this new start a very promising one!